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FYI someone on Mercari is selling or sold 2 of these art cards for $10 each, he now has RHCP cards up for $100, only one picture but says they have 5. No CDs, nothing sealed, just the cards and one picture and a picture of part of an order screen. flower dance is the ID, possibly another ID is music melody

history has Lana Del Ray, Olivia Rodrigo, Avril, and now RHCP

$10 leads me to think they are forgeries

So I wrote them just to see if there was any update on the signed booklets they said they were going to send since they advertised them and sent art cards instead. just got a response that basically said nothing and I'm not really expecting them. i'm personally fine with the signed art cards but wouldn't say no to the booklets if they ever do get them lol. here was the response

Thanks for your email. 

We're currently looking into this and we'll follow up with you as soon as we receive further information. This email has been saved in our records so if you don't hear from us within the next few days, not to worry. We promise you have not been forgotten! 

We will keep in touch soon. Thanks for your support!   


Avril Lavigne Store


thanks for the update. I take it a different way.. that there is still hope but possibly only if you complain about it. Similar to premiere accepting returns on autopens only to those who complained.. Im probably out of luck regardless since I no longer have access to my old email address. Ive already had problems canceling a couple pre orders because I was unable to respond directly from my email address. Its been such a hassle. 

yeah, I'm not sure how to take it, they basically said that if you don't hear back from us don't write back because we will let you know lol. sounds like a stall tactic. like I said though, I would prefer a booklet but I thought the signed art cards look great and are fine with them. plus I would feel bad for her to have to sign a ton more over something that probably wasn't her fault. 

Thank you for the update!

I had a similar experience with Billie Eilish UK store but they came through in the end. Let’s hope!

thats amazing for Billie. I missed out on her. Buyers ended up with 2 autographs for 1 purchase?

That is a good way to look at it. Im on the other side since one of mine is signed strange. It gives character for sure but it makes me hope for a booklet as well. If this is some kind of contractual legal obligation she must fulfill, I want in on one.. but with your thinking, I dont want to be the one holding a gun to her head forcing her to sign. You are right. I remember her twitter videos. She's so genuinely caring and made sure they were done while keeping a positive attitude but her attitude could have been partially forced because she was overwhelmed for sure.

Did anyone receive news on the UK art cards from the last restock? Last email I can find said end of April.

Nope. Still chasing them up on it. Posted my last reply from them on here a couple weeks ago.

They told me, last week, exactly the same thing that they said to you. That she was signing them… guess we’ll have to wait 

Ugh. They’re ridiculous, aren’t they! Last time I dealt with them, they made me wait 4 months for my vinyl I’d ordered to show up. :(

I’ve seen others on Avril Bandaids (fansite) getting theirs, but when I asked they had no idea what restock they’re from. Plus, theirs are the same card but with the album name/logo on. 

Not my photo, but this is what some of the Bandaids people have gotten. 



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