I won the the Tristar Hidden Treasures Babe Ruth Auto Baseball and was wondering how much do you think it is worth and what is the best way to sell it. It comes with a LOA from PSA/DNA

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"Id take out a loan to buy this ball at 4k because I think that'd be a steal."

Yeah anyone with half a brain would... and then turn around and sell it for the 12-20k that it deserves.

This ball wouldn't last 3 minutes on eBay for 4k, it's not even a discussion. He's already had offers of 8-10k all day.  

I agree Ryan it would sell real quick for 4k on EBAY.

Thanks, it was a redemption that came with a Milt Pappas Auto ball out of one of those bags from Tristar.

Here is what a 2k Ruth will get you:


Here is what a 5k Ruth will get you:


Here's a 12k Ruth, graded 5 by PSA/DNA, the one in the OP is way better than this:


Thanks Ryan for the pics and comparison.

Again, these are asking amounts on eBay. Anyone can ask for anything on eBay. There is a big danger in using eBay as a price guide.

I feel like some are wasting their time by proving me wrong. How can my opinion be wrong? The only number I've attacked here is $35,000. If anyone here believes the ball in question is worth $15-20k, I have no problem with that. The original question was what did we think the ball was worth. I've given my response and I like reading your opinions as well. But let's not waste time proving me wrong.

Until an item is graded (in this case it would most likely be by PSA), value is very subjective. If the original post had said I have a Ruth 7 graded baseball, then one could do a search for all baseballs that have sold at the various auctions for that level of graded baseball and our answers would be less subjective.

Until then, can we just focus on the original question and less on me. The majority of posts on this topic have to do with my opinion. This makes a member much less likely to post in the future. While you may not agree with me (and most of you don't which is fine), how can my opinion be wrong? It is not a statement of fact. It is my OPINION.

I don't think Rick needs anymore thoughts on me and my opinion in this post. I know I'm tired of them.
Ryan, opinions on that first Ruth signed ball? I need to finalize my 500 HR collection and I was thinking of this ball. Is it an authentic Ruth? I know it has an old PSA Spence LOA, but as stated earlier, they are not 100% right. I'm going to sell my 500 HR collection because I couldn't afford to finish it and it drives me nuts hanging on my wall with a Ruth Sinclair ball as my Ruth. But if I can complete it, I will keep it.

I'm not an expert on Ruth, you would have to consult William/Randy to see if they can render an opinion on whatever is left of that signature. I would probably look for a signed cut around that price range instead of this ball. 

Question on the $2k ball (barely legible first image), I have a near identical ball, but signature is much bolder. Looks like an early sig, and Ruth was known to have changed his signature a bit as he grew into being "the Babe". The R had usually concerned me, but I have found multiple examples of it sifting through thousands of images. The image I use as my avatar is the ball in question. Thoughts, comments... Joined here due to the insight and expertise many of you have shown, as I have been reading. Much appreciate the knowledge you all share

For those interested in seeing how he obtained the ball, the Tri-Star group break is posted on YouTube here:


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Literally just received this email. Give them a call and you can be included in the Ruth Auction Goldin is putting on.

I wonder if the ball would bring more in this Ruth-centric auction or more in a standard auction with less options to choose from. I'm sure there are already plenty of Ruth signed balls available in this auction.



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