Hi everyone,
Does this Babe Ruth autograph look real in your opinion?

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We have already seen far worse Harrison examples that turned out to be real. 

Strange logic to me.

"...We know this seller sells authentic examples and fake examples all together. Maybe this specific Harrison really is authentic. ..."

I would avoid such a seller. Why picnic under a cloud?

The minute I saw this George I knew it's 99% real. I still think it is. If it's a fake, only a master forger can do it this beautiful way. 


Do you think that if they saw the seller's other autographs, or heard that he said it was signed a decade earlier than it looked, that they wouldn't have any concerns?

1. I believe every autograph should be tested on its own, regardless of the autographs sold with it by the same seller. This seller can sell 9 fakes, but the 10th can be real. 

2. The fact that the seller says that the autograph is from the early 80's doesn't mean that it is necessarily true. He said that based on a word-of-mouth story. The seller was the third owner. We don't know how long he held it, and how long the first and second owners held it. Over the years, they may have become confused about the facts or mistakenly changed them. 

Terrier knows the story behind this autograph and still he said it's a beautiful and classic example. 

That is as may be, but I would not spend my money with someone who is demonstrably taking advantage of collectors. No one sells a Vivien Leigh for $103 or a Bankhead for $45. His closed auctions say a LOT.

What do you mean by "closed auctions"? You mean ended auctions? These Vivien Leigh and Bankhead are 100% fakes? 

OF COURSE! I have been saying that since we first talked about this seller! Cheap forgeries!

This means nothing to you?

I haven't decided if it means anything to me. I know that Perry, Roger, Jason, Beckett, Terrier and many others say it's good and that means much more to me than Vivien Leigh and Bankhead fake autographs.

With all due respect, I can't tell if you are collecting autographs or opinions at this point. I mean, you framed a certificate. I remember that. Says a lot about confidence IMO. Opinions seem to guide you - you were selling, certainly keeping and returning that Ringo inside a week or so but never expressed any opinion of your own as I recall. The same might well be true here.


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