Just picked this up through one of the major auction houses for sports cards and memorabilia as a wedding gift to myself haha but seriously, I liquidated a major chunk of my card collecting/prospecting to secure what to me and a lot of us is the holy grail or autograph collecting, a Babe Ruth signature.

Thanks to all the experts that have given opinions on raw and even authenticated Ruth autos, I feel (hope) I was able to secure a really nice PSA/DNA example. After studying his signature and your feedback, this seems to be a 1940s style signature with very typical characteristics of Ruth, aka, not some of the more iffy authenticated items. 

Without further ado.. if I did this right (as I have not posted on here in ages), the attachment should be below, or somewhere haha

Let me know how I did!

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Looks nice. 

Thank you

Sweet...it's a beauty for sure. 

Thank you!

That's a GREAT Ruth. Pieces like that can go for $10,000+ these days. A few years ago they often sold in the $4,000s.

Thank you! It didn’t reach 10 but after buyers premium, fees and shipping, so on and so forth, it came out to mid 8s which seemed fair to me. I do wish I pulled the trigger on one a few years ago but better late than never.

I'm glad to hear that! That was a nice buy at mid-$8,000s delivered. 

That's beautiful, you should be proud. I'll never forget the feeling when I my first Babe Ruth signature arrived. It really is the centerpiece of any collection.

Thank you! I’ve never been more enamored by any card or autograph that I’ve owned. Now trying to slowly save for a nice Gehrig cut. 

Awesome. Well, be careful. I made the mistake 20 years ago of buying a Lou Gehrig collectable from Antiquities in Las Vegas (inside Caesar's Palace). Never buy from that place, many things have come back as questionable.

Good luck in getting your Lou Gehrig piece to go with the Babe!

Ouch. I’ve heard some horror stories about autographs and Vegas. Will almost exclusively buy from the big auction houses or other reputable consignment dealers and only trust PSA/DNA or JSA but prob PSA since I like the encapsulation for uniformity (and my own OCD). 



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