I have heard now a couple of times that Babe Ruth had his own special pen. From what I understand, after the Babe retired from playing baseball, he had a special pen made for him to be used for signing autographs. Does anyone have any information about this? I was wondering what it looked like, and what the particulars were. Thanks.

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 Lee Trythall bought them all up 20+ years ago is the only person to ever use them besides Ruth apparently 

Yes, APPARENTLY Ruth did have a fountain pen that he had SPECIALLY-DESIGNED for writing on baseballs. It's a fact, and it's supported with documentation. Imagine that...IT'S TRUE! I guess there was nothing to laugh out loud about after all.

I believe this has already been mentioned in this thread, as well as that photo posted.

Can we finally move on from this? 

-wascher moderator

I'm still LOL about this. My high school issued pens out to each student with their name on it during graduation day. I never tried convincing anyone that it was made specifically for me, or that was the pen I chose to use because it was so SPECIAL to me. The pen meant so much to me that I probably either lost it or threw it in the trash soon after. I've been using various pens ever since.

Wow.  Ballpoint pens were invented before you graduated high school?  LOL.

I agree with Wascher.  Let it rest.

Does that Ruth baseball look like it was signed in ballpoint to you? Get your eyes checked Shephard! 

I was referring to the pen that you were issued in high school.


 James, It is sad that you ask a logical question and get a smart ass answer. This guy  does nothing but b****** on here about Ebay and Doesn't do a damn thing but bitch. He has to learn to grow a pair.

I agree with Blaze, enough with the jokes. Its not funny anymore and its a bit annoying.

Where did you here this James? 


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