Babe Ruth signed photo - Real or Not? - Do you believe the story?

I found this Babe Ruth signed photo that sold on eBay recently for $2045. It had one bid. The autograph was not authenticated. Do think it's authentic. And do you believe the seller's story? I am not making any accusations. Just want to know what the people here think. So here's the seller's account:

"This is an Original autographed Babe Ruth 8x10 photograph.

This photograph has been in my family since it was signed in 1948. My Great-Grandmother ( Hannah Gesetz) was admitted in Sloan-Kettering Hospital at the same time The Babe was hospitalized with throat Cancer. Hannah had breast cancer and she lived until 1956. My family's last name was Gesetz but because of our Jewish heritage it was changed to its current more Americanized name. I will be happy to provide my last name only to those who are genuinely interested in purchasing this photograph.

My grandmother, Sally who passed away in November 2000 was present when Babe came into the hospital room to sign the photo. She was approximately 18 yrs old and later married my grandfather Sidney who was Hannah's son. Sidney died in 1987.
My grandmother told me shortly before she passed that The Babe came to Hannah's room with this photo and signed it for her. We believe she was in the hospital in July or August 1948 from my Grandmothers best recollection. This photograph was on display in the Babe Ruth Museum in 1995-1996. I had the plaque from the display but it has been lost.

Please contact me with any reasonable offers. I am selling this to provide funds for my children's college. No international shipping."

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Right this is very unlikely. I'm sure security was high on this day.

This is totally real. I sold this autograph to the buyer with the understanding that the buyer can get the item appraised. and authenticated. The buyer got the autograph appraised and authenticated. I am sorry to disappoint all of you. The signature is very real. The buyer specialized in purchasing high end signatures and in particular Ruth autographs. 

Just curious who authenticated it?

probably Drew Max

Drew Max is dead now, he won’t be authenticating anything any longer 

I am not disappointed at all!  The signature speaks for itself.  

No chance PSA/DNA, JSA, or Beckett authenticated this autograph. Show the picture of the certificate from any of these 3 and prove me wrong. 

Just want to make sure I understand.  Was Ruth running around the hospital with pictures of himself to sign.  He was pretty sick at the time and was not likely going to rooms to sign things.  



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