Hello everyone, I'm new here. Been in and out of collecting since the early 90s.  Had an article in AC Magazine regarding a Harpo Marx signed autobiography !! Certainly a highlight for me !. I had a pretty nice collection that I sold a few yrs back. Reason being I had lost interest, due to all the forgeries and crooks on Ebay as well as all the press that almost everything offered there was junk, it was disheartening. I also had a few dealers I dealt with faithfully, Golden State, R&R(before the $100 minimum), Starshots (though a bad exp ended that)  Anyway, I have always loved autographs, something about them, the hunt of collecting, ect  Received my 1st at the Big E in 1970, met John Banner. I was 10 and I was hooked, Sgt Shultz on the back of a Milk Duds box, Wow!  I am retired now, bored to tears so I decided to wade back in to the autograph pool. I know just enough to get myself in alot of trouble. Anyhow, its nice to see some of the dealers I knew back a decade+ ago are still there. I started off just collecting chks, Caleb at Goldenstate  always being a sure, safe bet But I have strayed, and there are a few I see that, if not make me nervous, certainly make me wonder.  Sigking401, Charity_Grace, Screenfav, Rickcoral , Mikestout, Bigcrowds and jgautographs Sorry for the long list, but these few seem to consistently have great names, and I have bought from all, hence the nervous part. They may all very well be 100% legit, I certainly would like to think they are, but I value the opinions of all on this site. Any feedback would be appreciated

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Many on this forum will vouch for JG Autographs as one of the better U.S. autograph dealers.  The others aren't striking me as too familiar.  I'll give it a look soon.

JG Autographs still has an honest reputation.  I am also not familiar with the other eBay sellers that you mentioned.

I'd like to take a moment and thank both Rich & Mike for their responses, I certainly value the input. Good to know about JG Autos as they have often have very nice, interesting material. Anyone else shed some light on the other names, I would really appreciate that.....and thank you in advance

UPDATE !! Since posting this last year, 4/8/13, I would like to clarify on some names of sellers listed. First, Rickcoral, was a name I did not recognize when I posted, but I have dealt with him many times over the years, a solid seller with integrity, no fears with Rick , he is an honest seller/collector. Again,  I have bought many items from Rick H over the yrs and will continue !!! Sigking401, amazing sigs, questioned an old time dealer who is one of best & highly regarded,  he stated 2 thumbs up, he often buys from him. I have picked up many great sigs from Sigking, no issues. Charity Grace, a TAGS seller, has had some great items, have bought many F Bavier chks from this one. Mikestout, have bought quite a few solid items, and see him often on other private auction sites.No worries there. Screenfav, can't say anything bad, purchase from them as well, all good.  And finally JG, they have really built quite a following. A great source for everything signed, as well as Civil War items, a great source. I hope this clears up my questioning the above sellers, since my original post I have done business with all I mentioned here, all have, in my opinion, a solid track record, all great sources for some fantastic signatures !!!!

I have bought scores of autographs (mainly The Andy Griffith Show) from jgautographs on eBay and is a great and careful dealer.   Mikestout I have purchased from and have always been happy with.  rickcoral actually a husband and wife team are very great to deal with I purchased a Frank Albertson, page, Gil Lamb page and a Harold J. Stone photograph from them and was very pleased.  I have purchased some very rare items from charity_grace including a Frances Bavier autographed letter signed, a Will Wright clipped from a Masquers Club guest book and many vintage index cards and album pages.  The other two you mention I do not believe I have ever purchased from so cannot give an opinion on them.  

Are we 100% on jgautographs? Seller currently has over 10,000 items on ebay at this very moment (where is anyone obtaining 10,000 sigs to sell?) and seemingly sells very similar cuts week after week. I'm not for one second saying there is anything fishy going on, just enough to make me hesitate before doubling down with them. Thoughts?

This was from JG Autographs:. Ni problems here.

No clue what that is :)





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