Backstreet Boys A Very Backstreet Christmas Standard Vinyl Record 1st 500 signed

I'm not ordering but I put 1 in my cart and it showed the extra signed sleeve so they seem to still be available

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Hmm, you can order the signed sleeve without the record.

I ordered it for $5.91 shipping. See what happens 

I ordered, but it looks like you have to add the signed sleeve with it. We'll see what happens. Someone can try just ordering the signed sleeve without the record, it's free lol

Yea, I ordered a couple and paid $11 for shipping. Lol

I wasn't going to order but it let me order the signed sleeve only so I went ahead, it only charged me $6.05 total so worth a shot even though it will probably get canceled.

I only see a signed insert. Where do you see sleeve?

Sorry, you're right, it did say insert and not sleeve.  

Can't add a signed insert to my cart separately.

Well ordered the red vinyl for myself and gave me in my cart automatically the signed insert but shipping went up to $11. Hey if I get two I’ll give one to my friend 

Must be sold out I tried it and no signed sleeve in my cart.

I think I posted the wrong link posted but I fixed it, try this one as it only adds it with the color vinyl

Thanks so much for the heads up on this!!! 
I first just purchased the signed insert by itself which was free but cost $6 shipping, but got too worried I wouldn’t get it signed so then ended up getting the red vinyl that automatically added the signed insert as well but cost $38 altogether ($12 shipping) 

Really appreciate this - going to be a perfect Christmas gift if  it ends up coming through! 



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