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Wow.  I'm almost convinced that there has to be some wild shill bidding going on here.

This idiot is a thief. No chance they believe these are real.

Oh he is aware Rick. 100% moron thief.

He shilled it up to 50 bucks and we all reported this hours ago and its still up.

if you look at the bids, it is from a new account. I wonder the guy creates an account and is bidding up his own auction.

haha I just look at the auction closer. It does come with a COA, but I think I can make a better COA than that one! now there is no hologram too? booo

this fella shilled it up past 130 bucks and its still not pulled I hope ya all reported this crap

Incredible. EBAY needs to yank that crap. I reported them to.

Ebay hasnt pulled either down yet!!

They finally took it down.


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