I would like to purchase Barbara Steele autographs, but I want to be assured of authenticity. I would like to see her in person at an autograph convention, but there doesn't seem to be a reliable source stating where she may appear in advance. So buying online may be my only realistic option. If anyone knows a way to find this out, I would appreciate it.

Hollywood Show sells many autographed Barbara Steele photos at a reasonable price:


Are these genuine? I know she has appeared there before, and I believe she lives or spends time in the LA area. Are these safe to buy? The signatures look consistent with what I have seen before. But I don't know if they are reprints or quality forgeries.

I know that obviously a lot of people attend the Hollywood Show in person, but I do not know if the same authenticity can be assured for items available through their store. Their store obviously has thousands of autographs available, so I am very curious about authenticity. If there are any questions of not being genuine, I would rather not buy anything at all.


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Those Barbara Steele autographs look fine to me.

I will never buy from HS again.

What happened?

Hi Steven -- I agree the autographs look fine, but it is pretty easy to forge autographs for a skilled party. I am interested in their reputation and opinion on if these are authentic or not, or any horror stories with them, cause for alarm, issues with other autographs sold on the site. I know people who go there in person can be assured of authenticity since they get them in person, but not sure if through their shop is the same thing.

Poster guy, what is your experience to cause you to say this? I have not bought yet as I want to hear more and find out of if there are any issues. I do not mind buying autographs when I cannot get in person, but I like to be assured of authenticity.

West and Ward both confirmed in person to me that the autos they sent me were forged , they were sent back from a certain Vegas dealer (guess who ?)


Kevin Martin (I guess we're not allowed to discuss him here)

Sent to HS but returned from LV , I dont trust that Elkouby guy either and I think they deliberately try to confuse you when you ask for a refund.

We can discuss Kevin Martin here. We can discuss anyone here.

Thank you for the response. I will not purchase any. That is what I was afraid of. They have such a large inventory.

Barbara Steele is appearing at Monster Mania if you know anybody that could pick you up something (some people on Facebook do consignments).

I have a friend who worked with Barbara Steele and I have 2 stills signed In Person by her-if interested contact me at tHEBODY1963@GMAIL.COM

 I have a friend who worked with Barbara Steele and I have 2 stills signed In Person by her-if interested contact me at thebody1963@gmail.com here are the autographs and my friend with barbara



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