The Lives of Brian by Brian Johnson

Like A Rolling Stone by Jann Wenner

Biblical by Rob Halford 

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Nice, picked up Dale, Halford as gifts as well after initially passing on Halford in store, and Paris Hilton I was on the fence about but grabbed just as a reminder of pop culture of the 00's. I had a $100 gift card to kill so why not use it now. 

Last year they did a 50 percent off signed books sale after Christmas so I’m pretty sure there doing it again I’m going to buy a ton

I received my copy of Like A Rolling Stone by Jann S Wenner today.  seems different than the others so I thought id post it here

It's fine, quit being so paranoid all the time. :(

whos paranoid? I posted because it was different and for others to compare since there seems to be a few variations and this one is interesting, is it not?... I didn't say anything else. whatever you are implying is in your own mind. :(

Agree it’s oddly different from others I’ve seen. Assuming it’s legit, it’s a nicer/clearer sig than most. 

This is mine from his Live Talks event: 

wow thats a huge difference.. Maybe he changed things up tired of signing.. I wonder how many he signed in total.. 

Yeah, seems weird but you could be right- assuming he signed the tip-ins first, he could have gotten lazy by the time of the Live Talks event. Not sure how many, I remember BAM had them first and sold out fairly quickly, then they showed up at couple other places too (PBS, Premiere?, now B&N). Looking at eBay, looks like the sigs vary in terms of effort from almost legible to squiggle/scribble with maybe a J. 

I contacted Barnes & Noble last weekend and they confirmed that there were signed Brian Johnson books that went out from the warehouse to Barnes & Noble locations but that they’re all sold out. They also said that they weren’t that many of them, so it’s possible there were even less Brian Johnson books at Barnes & Noble than there were of the signed Bono books.

Yeah I was looking forward to find him



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