can any comment if this seller is legit?




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I'd say his Bobby Hulls look good.  I have several IP from him, and this sellers' seem to match up just fine.  Unfortunately, there's not much else he's selling that I can really be 100% sure about.  My general impression is that he looks okay.

Anyone else have an opinion of this seller??



I went through 4 pages of his hockey autographs and they were all genuine.  Looks to be a good seller to me.



$15 to ship a 1-2oz first class 8x10?
35$ for a boxing glove.
As a buyer, I draw the line somewhere.

He is in Canada and that's how expensive our post system is 15 is the basic price to ship an 8x10 with the most basic of tracking 7-10 buissness days for delivery

I know this thread is quite old now, but I can vouch for this seller. I've actually met the seller and seen him get awesome things in-person. He's the real deal.
I have been dealing with him for years, good guy , never had a issue



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