I have been offered a signed Beatles vinyl for $2500.  Is there any way that this could be possible?

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I would doubt it, but you never know. Do you have a picture?

I am trying.  Probably tomorrow.  Could it even be possible?

If the person selling isn`t into autographs and don`t know what Beatles signed albums are selling for, then it`s possible.. (cause $2500 is stil a lot of money). But if he/she is a autograph-collector I would think it`s very unlikely that he/she would "give it away" for peanuts..

It is a dealer

How much are vinyls signed by all the Beatles worth?  $2500 may be a lot of money but I paid more for John's and Paul's separately.

Just going through a scenario in my mind. If someone didn't have a clue to the value of a set of Beatles signatures how would they come up with a $2500 price? Anyone with Internet access can google the possible value. I suspect this is a situation where someone is trying to hoodwink someone.

I will ask for pictures and post tomorrow.

Remember the 'ol adage.."If it's seems too good to be true...it probably is!". 

I know but imagine if it is real?

That WOULD be fantastic...when you get the pic...make sure to post it here.

I promise.  I am going in VERY carefully--I am not a novice so there is no reason to get scammed.

If it is a "dealer"trying to sell you this, theres no way its real.



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