Hello are these Beatles signatures from 1967 I think so thought I would ask others opinions thanks very much John.

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Hello Paul its a BEA flight menu from the start of there 1964 Tour I do not know where they were flying to though as the lady could not remember and Jimmy Nicol was the substitute drummer as Ringo had tonsillitis,its a shame Jimmy Nicol did not sign the menu but he said why do you want my autograph as i am a nobody what I found sad in a way when I bought the autographs I paid 4000 pounds for the menu as the lady had loads of collectors in the UK wanting to buy them.

British european airways, would have been june 64 because Jimmy only sat in for the first 5 dates of that leg starting in Copenhagen

Hello Paul yes I know they are from june 1964 I just do not know the location they were flying to I love the autographs.

I have an Australian set from 64 when he rejoined the band.


I'd see if Roger could set aside time when you're with the seller to look at photos that you send. Not just to see what he thinks of what you send, but so he can suggest photos to take that may help determine authenticity. Roger's a very good photographer and can help you get the shots you need. It's worth paying him to be available.

Last I heard Roger got up at 3-4 AM Houston, TX time, which is 6 hours behind London. He's said it's so he can run before work, but it also means his workday ends right before happy hour starts in Houston, so I suggest not looking at the autographs in the evening.

That will 20000 sterling thankyou! Does everyone believe they were signed ou n 67 or later?

I personally don't like them. I feel like I've seen them somewhere before and the equal toning to each of them leads me to believe they were printed on from other examples.

Well, we should get an update today? I have reservations about them too - live ink.

Cant wait for the update! Just don't get Roger on his long lunch!!

Hi woody hope it goes well for you today! Can we see your bea signed card?

Update! I have bought the Autographs I am very happy with them they are live ink but the Ringo is a bit smudged but very slightly,the deal I have done with the seller is as follows I have paid her through paypal 5000.00 on the understanding I will pay the balance after they have been authenticated in hand by Roger Epperson.She has agreed to this so they will be on there way to him today,if they do not get a certificate I will get my money back so I would say its a win situation for me what ever the outcome.

That's exciting! Congratulations John! I hope they check out, especially because they look like 1968+ autographs to me. They're much rarer than 1967.

You handled it perfectly!



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