Would someone be able to tell me if the album I have been cherishing for decades (LOL) is actually signed by the Beatles?

I have taken 4 photos (one of each signature) but it looks like I can only upload 3 photos to this discussion..

Thanking anyone who can help me.



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Not authentic.

No, you don't have a Beatles-signed album. My guess is that a friend wrote the signatures on the album of a besotted fan to show their true devotion, something many of us did back in the day. This was the mid-sixties and we lugged our LPs along to any basement party (much like the ubiquitous iPods a few years back). We had no idea these records were finite or would be the sought-after collectables 40-50 years later.

That's also why you'll find many of these old album covers scrawled with boyfriend or girlfriend names or initials, drawings, stickers or personalizing notations.

It was also a method to determine ownership because at the end of most parties, there were frequent arguments of who's 45s or LPs belonged to who! Personalizing the covers neatly resolved the problem.

Yeah, hope you didn't pay too much for that thinking it was signed. Signed Beatles album are rare and generally start at $20K.


no it is not by the beatles sorry

Sorry to say it's a NEC (not even close) autograph. Most likely done by the original owner who was a big fan and signed the Lp to her or himself.
I agree with the guys... these are not even close.



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