Who is left in the industry of reliable reputation to complete authentications of Beatle-related autographs?

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Nigel Lemon at beatlesmarketplace is rubbish i asked his opinion on some autographs what he told me were good i bought them and they were fake so not a fan of him sorry,Stephen Maycock at bonhams is very good though.

who told you they was fake after Nigel's opinion......if you don't mind me asking that is....also...please remember no one is perfect if l was to buy a set of the Beatles these days l would ask maybe 2 or 3 opinions, been bitten twice now on this groups set of signatures

no problem mark,i asked nigels opinion on a complete set of autographs sent him the sellers pictures they sent me he said most prob genuine so i bought them for 4500 as soon as i received them i knew they were fake,asked frank C but no reply so sent them to tracks with no reply,I took them to Bonhams and had them confirmed as not genuine,like you say no one is perfect but i think you cannot tell today until you have them in your hand,so i think Nigels website needs to update to only send in the originals instead of the first valuation what states send me clear scans etc this is just my opinion

This has been relisted on eBay, and according to the seller "Roger Epperson and PSA said likely not genuine."
There you have it.
"John Lennon Autograph! Heritage auctions sold me this autograph with there COA! Roger Epperson and PSA said likely not genuine. With that being said, bid at your own discretion. In other words it's a toss up! Real or not real? You decide! Frame not included! Just autograph!"

It is no longer listed, but still under the completed listings.
So did Heritage sell it at a fraction of the value of an authentic Lennon signature of similar quality?
I tried to find the heritage auction, but couldn't. I would be interested to the answer. His description really makes you want to buy it though...Real or not real, you decide! Haha
Give that Lennon a big miss.

Now it's back on eBay with a BIN price of $1,000 and no mention of the negative opinions from Epperson and PSA.

He must not have ever heard that you can't REALLY erase information on the internet. What a nut! That is why you have to do your due diligence and look for information, because there are so many shady people in this world.

If Heritage doesn't have it in their online database, that probably means it didn't reach reserve or minimum bid or it was pulled. That is, if it was ever there in the first place.



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