Who is left in the industry of reliable reputation to complete authentications of Beatle-related autographs?

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Ok then, let me be clear. I saw the Epperson LOA for this item. If it was a forgery, I have no way of telling.
It was not mentioned in the listing.
As I said earlier, apparently no one here can figure out whether this is a real Lennon.
Frankly, this is quite exhausting.
Perhaps Roger himself can verify if he issued a LOA on this item?

How did you see it, though, and not still have a copy of it?

Regarding authenticity, I think that it probably isn't real. There are characteristics inconsistent with what I have learned to look for in Lennon autographs. But I feel that this autograph needs to be seen in person, because it's about 80%-plus right. Any forgery that makes you think hard is a great one, because every autograph is a snowflake, unique.

Not to mention no one is more forged than Beatles. It is difficult on so many levels. I know I am not an expert at all and even the experts make mistakes!

However that is the nature of this industry, opinions differ and you have to keep learning. You can't just fault the authenticator by itself. The seller has some bad items and sometimes (most times) an item can ve to good to be true.

I hope that you do indeed believe you saw an Epperson LOA, but how many years ago did this happen? t it something you saw on internet or held in your hand and studied? Even if it was from Epperson, are you sure it was for this Lennon piece? These Epperson LOAs all resemble each other

And oh yeah, how good is your memory?

you can probably pay him some fee to go through past records and verify if story is true or not- go to his web site an email him

When one makes such obviously unsupported conclusions about coxx et al.,

it tends to make people think about it being an intentional attempt  to provoke -reminiscent of the anl days.

As for getting consensus on authenticity, it generally goes like this.  An excellent signed piece with great provenance will have every authenticator agree on its authenticity.  Then you have weaker pieces, where signatures aren't so clear, provenance isn't so good.  This is where you see disagreement among experts. And finally there are the obvious fakes that all experts agree on.  Your piece falls in the "weaker" pieces section hence the difference of opinion.

Perry Cox is a good friend of Frank Caiazzo's and I believe he gets Frank's opinion on a lot of his Beatles. That's a great combination of experts.

You've got that right...

I have dealt with Perry, spoke to him on the phone for almost an hour just talking about Beach Boys. He is extremely knowledgeable and like to consider him a friend as I have also bought and sold with him.

I have dealt with Frank Caiazzo and had a great deal of respect for his knowledge, he is probably the most well respected in the Beatles community with Perry.

I have dealt with Roger Epperson and also have a great deal of respect for him and his opinion.

I would recommend all three. All great.
Likewise, ive dealt with those respectable dealers and have earn't my respect, it really is a rare thing in a hobby with so much bs.

I use Nigel Lemon at Beatlesmarketplace. Trust his opinion everytime. 

In the old days I would use Frank C. He was always at the top of the list and he actually was pleased when I found a genuine set. Mind you I went through a ton of "sorry not genuine" to get there. I also would ask Stephen Maycock at Sothebys now at Bonham's or Paul at Tracks and would say they are really good. I found Nigel at the Beatles Marketplace to be excellent as well. Perry Cox is also good. Lately I've used Roger and I'm completely happy with his assessments and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services. I think there are many good sources out there and for the most part I think their opinions on the items I've shown them have been consistent. This is a good thing.




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