Beatles Autographs (tracksuk)

When I look at the autographs, I would say at first glance that they are fakes. John in particular looks scary.
In addition, a photo that is not really recognizable.
But ... the autograph is offered from Tracksuk
for £3,850.00. I am always skeptical when there is a COA, but tracksuk is actually serious.I think to make sure that an autograph is real, the artist must have signed it before his own eyes.Sometimes bad signatures are real and good signatures are fake. Can you trust anyone who issues a COA or is it just a huge business? How does Paul Wayne know when the autograph was made? (exact day). I know that most of the Beatles autographs are fakes, but I would immediately say with these autographs that they are fakes. The big examiners (Tracksuk, Caiazzo, Epperson, Cox) surely earn a lot of money with it. Please do not misunderstand, but I think the autograph business is flourishing, especially at Beatles, Nirvana, Michael Jackson etc.

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TRACKS is one of the best...along with Caiazzo...Perry Cox...etc. They've had this for a while. It's from's fine!!!

I see no issues with this set.

What would you say if John didn't get a COA from the experts? For me, that is a terrible signature.

I judge the signature, couldnt care less about COA.  

I'm sure this set is fine but P.W. got my 1976 Bowie wrong.

I see it a little differently. The experts also make money from it. Again my question:
How do the experts know the exact date of the signatures if they don't have it signed in front of the artist

Honest question. Have you contacted Tracks directly with your concerns of authenticity or asked them on how they know the dates of when these items were signed? 

I just want to say everything is a business. Perry, Frank, Roger, Paul won't do it for nothing. As
I said, an aviogram is only worth something if it has been signed before your own eyes.

How do we know the Declaration Of Independence is real?...we weren't there to see it signed?...The Magna Carter? Tracks..Frank...Perry...and most collectors on this site...have a database of autographs that go back to 1962. When you do enough can recognize variations of their sigs from 1962 till now and familiar forgeries. How that?

Well, I won't speak to that, but I KNOW this was signed by Jackie Gleason. It is correct in form and structure, clearly not Sydell Spear or Marilyn Gleason or the mystery ghost signer of the day, and it is under the cance of 1/21/53.

The Declaration of independence is real big league!

'Ya think???



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