beatles autographs on ebay at the moment anyone else think they look ok

ive put a bid in on three autographs of the beatles on ebay at the moment looks like a programme from 1963 anyone else think they look ok thanks george

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I did not i spoke to the seller earlier a big beatles company in the uk authenticated them as i was trying to buy them

They were authenticated while the auction was in progress? The seller should have mentioned that in an addendum to the description. 

I did not no that either anyway we all have to be careful as a lot of fakes out there

they always claim so but it is b*******.

How does this one look from tracks?
Im sure tracks can tell whats a copy and whats real when they have the item in-store.
Let's hope so Paul! ;)
From what it sounds like they just seen this online and wanted to buy it, they dont authenticate willy nilly. Tracks track record is really good and if there was a problem , im sure you get a refund. I feel confident buying from them.
Gotcha Paul, makes sense!
Tracks do know there stuff not like a couple others in the uk i might add

George so what company are you talking about?



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