Hello all 

I am in the market for individual beatles autogrpahs , not in the thousands of dollars range but willing to spend however...where can I looK?

Ebay makes me really nervous but I'm just not having much luck ...any ideas ?

Also just for fun , I did pick up a Cavern Club 1964 membership booklet ! Maybe I can trade that towards a autograph...a neat find !

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The cheapest is Ringo. The others are gonna cost you. Strawberry Walrus, Tracks,Perry Cox. I would say Caiazzo but he is expensive. You just cant find authentic stuff cheap and Paul is signing less and nicer graphs are going up. Good luck.

Thanks ! Oh I know they don't go cheap I'm walking in this would a decent chunk of change just need to know where to find a trusted dealer and seller ...the $ isn't my biggest issue 

I have some individual pages and smaller photos by Ringo, Paul and George.

PM me for details.


As previously mentioned, Tracks and Caiazzo are highly recommended. Perry Cox sells through ebay. You can sometimes get a deal on some of his auction items. Rockaway Records and Roger Epperson are other places you should check out! Finally, you can sometimes get great deals through Omega Auction-they sometimes have Roger check the signatures.



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