Beatles Band-Signed Extended Play (EP) Record Census—Now in Progress!

We've taken two censuses of band-signed Beatles albums, but we haven't done one for Beatles-signed EPs yet.

Band-signed Beatles albums are rare. Only about 15-16 US release Beatles-signed albums are known, and only about 113-120 UK releases. 75 or so of those are "Please Please Me," the Beatles first album.

No doubt there are more that haven't reached the autograph market yet, but these numbers are a good indication of their rarity.

Beatles band-signed Extended Play records (EPs) are much, much rarer. Only 10 or less may be known. 

Let's account for them title buy title, with sales histories and images that can be found.

Let the census begin!

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I guess this one is previously unknown, missed the one one page 2. 

Wow! Looks amazing! Congratulations!

Thanks, it does look like it was signed yesterday. Bought from the original owners estate, signed Dec 14, 1963 at Wimbledon Palais fan concert. In storage since then.



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