Hi Everyone:

Nice item being offered on tracks. What does everyone think such an item is worth? I think that generally partial sets are more difficult to price than the full sets but maybe I'm crazy. I am thinking definitely over $5k and less than $7500 ish but who knows.

Some of the nice and unique pieces on tracks are of course offer only so you never quite know what they ended up selling for.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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John a bit faded but this is a rare LP to have both signed.  I'd say $8000

These two albums together recently sold for about $14,800. I’d rather have the AHDN, even though it’s signed on the back.

I agree. At least A Hard Day's Night has every song on it written by Lennon/McCartney (the only Beatles album that is solely Lennon/McCartney written compositions with no covers) 

Beatles For Sale with only the two (while excellent) looks incomplete with just the two. 

Yes, I’d prefer AHDN too, because the signatures on that one seemed to be preserved better, they have better contrast on the white background and the LP only contains Lennon-McCartney songs as noticed. 



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