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I  bought this a few days ago in an auction.

It is an full color intact pull-out photo included in an 1964 UK-magazine called „Scream“.

I‘m very interested to know what you think about it, thank you.

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I made the right decision for myself, let‘s leave it at that.

Eric, I would assume that if it was returned it will show up at some other auction house in the near future. 

That said, Mr, Kite could also be the seller. We saw what happened to the MTB LP. Someone doubled their money in a year.

Very true.  I’m still surprised that the item did not draw bids from the well known resellers. Unlikely they simply missed it.  Most likely saw it and passed.

I'm not sure if there would be much "room" for a profit if the cost is $15,000.  I never cease to be amazed at the premium people will pay for something special at auction but I can't see this as a $20k+ item on a dealer's list. If sold at an auction house the price including buyer's premium would have to be in excess of $25k for a profit to be made.    


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