Beatles old torn piece of brown paper possibly signed but damaged

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An old torn piece .  of brown paper possibly signed in 1964. The Paul signature is unfortunately damaged but appears that all four from the same pen. If these are real, what would the paper be worth in this poor condition. Feedback appreciated, Thanks

If you buy them I might leave them on the briefcase unless you restore them. Gives them character. If you want them removed have a paper restorer do it.

If you're buying them for your collection, not to sell, $800 or so is probably OK if they can be removed. If you're buying to resell, $700 or so.

Hi, I made a fair offer which ultimately was rejected so that is the breaks.

Thanks for all of your feedback.

It looks like 14th century vellum and not paper. What is this glued to? To me it has absolutely no eye appeal whatsoever.

It's not every day you see a set of genuine Beatles autographs glued to a deteriorated briefcase since the 60s!

The condition is too rough. The overall damage and chunk missing from Paul’s signature along with it having been glued to a briefcase is too much.

They're rough for sure. But if Mel wants a set of Beatles, I think it may be reasonable to pay that much. If Mel can buy it for half the price, even better.

Everyone collects for different reasons. For a true Beatles fan on a limited budget this would be a piece worth acquiring for the right price. If the price is in the is in the $700-$800 range I would certainly buy it. My goodness, if authentic, it's a piece of history!

so how have they ended up stuck to a brief case?   How did you find it Mel?  Its certainly a unique piece. The condition is bad but if you can get it for that price it may be worth taking the plunge, certainly a conversation stopper

You know? I'd want to see the entire case, but I'd consider wall-mounting it briefcase and all.

I understand, but if this is not terminal what the heck is is? If it needs the case to be displayed that speaks to the low quality IMHO. I can't think of what else could be wrong with it. Worn, stained, wrinkled, glued (apparently permanently), chunk missing, soiled and so on... I would never suggest this to one of my customers. That's just me. What is the upside here? Good price is fleeting, condition is here to stay.

It's not faded. I think it has character!

We can have it certified, put the sticker over the missing part of McCartney, and no one would know it was torn off.



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