This programme page has been on e bay and initially looks good but im wary of pre prints or fan club stamped items does anyone know if they did any of these on programmes thank you

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looks ok to me 

thanks George and thanks to everyone else that was really helpfull im overwhelmed by the input

Been very quiet on here, unusually so. I put up a George Harrison recently and go zero replies! This one looks really nice but would hope that the real experts would be kind enough to give their opinion.


If you're not getting input post a comment on my profile with a link and I'll try to stir up a response—and give an opinion myself if I know the signer.

Thanks Steve, much appreciated. I'm sure it's 100% but just wanted to show it as it's a nice piece.

It's always good to discuss things.

Paul, I need to write instructions for the site. The reason you didn't get any response is because no names were in the title and it only said George in the body. No one knew what it was.

I rewrote it.

I'm wary of any autographed item being sold without a clear, large image. It's often done to hide things. Ask them for a crisp photo.

Compare the George Harrison on the program to the one on this authentic set from 

late 63/early '64....

How did you come up with that so quickly, Jim? I'm impressed.

Hey Steve...I have a rather good memory...and a good backlog of examples.

I knew I had seen that particular one...

Well good job...and thanks.



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