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It looks fake to me. Portions of each signature appear slowly and shakily drawn.

Thanks BallroomDays67,

Beatles is not my area but from the many I've seen, the John L looks similar, the Paul M very slowly drawn and shaky and the George H looks off.

Thanks and much appreciated - Mike

the george looks fine to me though,

It went very cheap id say,

So you believe that all three signatures are authentic? $2K would indeed be an exceptional bargain for an "A Hard Day's Night" UK LP signed on the back like that by John, Paul and George.

Im just saying the george looks fine to me,I own an authentic twist and shout ep signed by all the beatles and other signed material by them,so thats just my opinion

What about the other two signatures?

the paul im not so sure about,johns first name looks a bit slow but the surname looks ok really need it in hand though

When you stated that it "went very cheap", I assumed that you like all three signatures. So you believe that George signed it and that someone may have then added good forgeries of John's and Paul's signatures?

thats what i am wondering,i do like the george though but thats just my opinion

All 3 look slowly drawn to me.not good.

these are forgeries.  all slowly drawn.  the biggest giveaway with the George is the second part of the H, it is typically formed on a downstroke from the e in George.  This one has a hook that makes it appear it is not.  



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