What is the opinion on that set and is a pencil set less desirable  than a set with any other pen?


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This is a blurry photo. Post a sharp one if you want the best advice, front and back preferably.

Hi Steve, unfortunately i just have this photo. But i got the answers already that i was looking for. Thanks again to your great website! Thanks!

Sorry I'm late to the party. While I do agree with all that was said about how the market generally favors ink over lead are we saying the set here is good?

You have doubts? It has a Perry letter. So i assumed it is real. Was more asking for opinions on pencil and the condition of the set. What are your doubts? 

This is a good set. I have a pencil set signed on an envelope when  they were filming Help in 1965. I have never ever thought about it being better signed in ink. I know when and where it was signed via provenance  from the fan that got them and that is enough for me. 

A true collector. 

Thankyou  Eric.

It was sold at an auction in europe for € 6500,- 

That is a fairly good price. About $6800 US. How much more would have they got  if they were signed in ink?

I wonder how much this will be worth in 40 years.. $20k? Would that hold up for inflation? Still a really cool item to own. I have a few signed in pencil. One being Macaulay Culkins full signature when he was a kid signed on a paper bag. While it would be better if they were signed in pen. I never give it a thought. A signature is a signature. If all you have is a pencil when you get an item signed, a pencil signature is better than no signature at all. I dont really see a reason why a pencil signature would sell for any less. Carbon on paper supposedly will last forever unlike ink which can fade if not stored properly. Pencil signatures might be the way to go for these if you plan on it being passed down generation to generation for 300 years.



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