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I have just taken another look Paul is authentic but the others look like Neil Aspinall lets see what others say.

I agree that John, George and Ringo look like they were done by Neil.  Paul looks a bit better but I think that’s a Neil signature as well.

Many thanks, always curious when there's a story attached to an item like this one.

Yes I agree the stories can be interesting. Unfortunately many items turn out not to be signed by the Beatles.  I have a US Help Lp given to a Motorcycle Police Officer who escorted the Beatles while they were in Portland (I think).  30+ years later the family was getting ready to sell the Lp to help with University expenses when they discovered it was actually signed by Neil. 

To me it looks like Paul signed and then Neil finished the set.

I keep looking at the Paul and if it is indeed a Neil, it is the best one I have ever seen.  I believe Paul signed this.

I agree that Paul's looks genuine and that Neil signed for the other three.

Sold today for £2,006.00.

Yeah....Paul signed the photo...and the other 3 were signed by Neil...




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