Hi all,

I dont really know anything about the Beatles signatures- can anyone help me with this? Based on my limited knowledge I'm certain the Lennon is fake, but the others... well, I just dont know!

Thanks for your help!

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I've seen this before. The current seller says he found this in a yard sale I believe. This came from a Book called"Treasures Of The Beatles" published in 2009. It was like the "Lennon Legend: book that came out a while back. The book is full of reproductions....handwritten lyrics....copies of concert posters...and sets of autographs on postcards...etc. You take these out of the book. This one has been on Ebay in the past as the real thing....and someone bought it...but no...this is just a copy.

Good catch, Jim.

Thanks very much Jim- You saved me, appreciate it!

great work Jim

Thanks Guys......always trying to help!!!

Love this place.


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