What do people make of these? I've been told that they're no good.

They look like pretty good forgeries to me if they are indeed that ...

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I think they look good.

They look good to me. 

the lennon and ringo look off to me

They don't look great to me.

Not crazy about the Ringo and the Lennon...

Thanks guys. Sounds like there's enough uncertainty to avoid.

These are all actually good, they are authentic signatures.

Some professionals don't agree. The final sale price suggests opinion was divided. 

Differing opinions is a healthy part of this business, however for me this is an easy one, no doubts whatsoever. 

Fair point. Good luck if you ended up buying them.

They went unsold, at a very well known auction house. 

Whilst we're here, I'd be keen to know your thoughts on this signed Revolver. At first they may look off, but I can't shake the feeling that they're possibly genuine. I've found similar Harrison, Lennon and McCartney examples. Ringo is odd but it might have been a hastily penned autograph. 




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