Any thoughts on these? I am new here so I hope I am allowed to ask....

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The ones on the back are fine....from April 5, 1962 at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. They were about to travel to play at the Star Club in was when they arrived they found out that Stu Sutcliffe had passed away on April 10, 1962. This was "Beatles Fan Club Night". They wanted to thank the kids for all their support before they went off the Germany. The first set...they wore their leather clothes, and for the second set, their wore their new Beno Dorn suits.

We talking about the Paul and Johnny ones or the individuals above? Thanks


The Johnny and the Paul ones on the back of the Beatles promo card from April 5, 1962

Great news. Big thanks

No problem...Nice piece...

Have you ever thought of bring the road show to an Atlantic City casino? We should talk. I have used a group called " Long Live The Beatles "for many, many charity and personal events over the past 15 years. We could do a great event here.. Thoughts? My office full of stuff u might want...I need to sell all of my collections which is why I joined this site. Any help would be appreciated....


Hey Roy....We're contracted with a company for 5 years to tour our Beatles memorabilia exhibit. We started 2 years Canada...been around the US...and we have interest from Europe and Asia as well. We have a lot of cool that the Beatles wore...instruments they played...personal items..and we have the Double Fantasy album that Lennon signed for his killer almost 6 hours before he killed him.

It looks great. A friend of mine saw it at Foxwoods. They should come to AC

They look good to me. Nice collection.



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