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Some opinion please...
Signed in early 1963 at a point in time when they were experimenting with different autograph styles. I think that they are likely genuine.

I've seen this before. Comes with a letter from Frank Caiazzo. It's from around March of 1963...nice one...

It looks good to me too.

A really nice set, I think it originally had a dedication in Ringo's hand, top left.
Sold for 6600.00 i faught for it but decided to let it go once it got to 6k.nice set.

Still not a bad price, the auction commission would have bumped it up or was it on ebay?

I love that set.

So its a promo card, no picture! 

What's collectors opinions ,will these Beatles sets become even more increasingly valuable to buy in the future?

It was an eBay piece.6600 is a very nice price was an early promo card signed on the back.i fought one guy for it from 3600 up to 5400 then let it go.not.tjat it wasn't worth more,I wanted to get it for cheap that's all.



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