This one should go really high -- perhaps from the collection of John Brennen? 

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It's junk. Fake as the day is long.

That is what I thought Jim - "something tells me the census won't change" - fake Ciazzo & Epperson letters? Bold. This is PressPass, right?

I'm not sure where it's from. And I'm not sure it matters.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to convince people it's legit - but from my eyes - there's not one signature that's even close.

+ 1


Doubtful its real or from Brennen.  I could be wrong but I dont recall John having all 4 on an LP

Simply amazing that someone found 4 guys with the same names as the Beatles and got them to sign this Abbey Road cover.  That must have taken a very long time !!!!

Has anyone notified the authenticators that their names are being used in this manner?

Are the Epperson and Ciazzo LOAs fake? Is that what is being discussed here?

It does appear to be a strange piece.

I don't know if it was the topic, but it should be IMHO. ;) My first take is this is bogus as mentioned earlier. I'd like to know more about the certs.

It's up for auction at The National Sports Convention by Iconic Auctions and has THREE LOAs from Frank, Perry, and Roger.  I doubt all three of them would certify this if it were fake. I've seen rushed versions of George before that look similar to the ones Brennen got in person.  The LOAs are real. 

Well, uh...I won't be bidding ;)


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