This one should go really high -- perhaps from the collection of John Brennen? 

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Which graphs are on it that are fake?

Any chance of getting pictures of the three certificates?

That Cox letter wasn't there yesterday was it? I didn't see it. Yet it is dated only 2 days apart from one of the others, months ago. Wonder why the late addition?

This is the US release band-signed Abbey Road that Autographs-for-Sale had on eBay in March. It had Caiazzo and Epperson LOAs back then. We talked about it.

It was signed at different times. It looks real to me.

Who obtained th he Lennon graph?

I don't know. The Lennon looks fine to me. Only one I don't like is Harrison and I think it's real. Real ugly too. I actually like the album!

Was the Cox letter mentioned back then? It is dated within 48 hours of the REAL letter.

Not that I recall.

Quick question and I hope I don’t get thrown in the line of fire for this but 

is it possible that one authenticator got it wrong and the others basically followed suit cause the first guy authenticated it?  I know most members put a lot of faith in these Beatles authentication experts but maybe just maybe I’m right, I know/feel Epperson got something wrong when I sent him a signed macca a while back that Beckett and members of this forum advised me to stay away from it, in fact even if it passed Epperson full examination I was told i wouldn’t be allowed to trade/sale on this site, with that being said I figured these guys are human and maybe one expert passed it and others saw that he did and figured hey if he likes it then it must be good so they passed it as well, or maybe a less sinister thing happened and this signed piece is actually authentic 

I don't know anything about that, but for me, I listen to myself first with what I do. I claim no Beatles knowledge and obviously no expertise, but I know a little about Bowie and Jackie Gleason. There are about 3-4 folks I pay close attention to with regard to those names and none are the big TPA's. My .02 cents. If I screw up it's my fault, and then I get to learn a new lesson.





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