Any thoughts on the legitimacy of these signatures? Allegedly obtained from a dealer known as Orville "Rob" Robinett, now deceased from cancer.

My scans of the Sgt. Peppers turned out crappy, so all I have is this crappy photo.

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Those look very bad to me.

Thank you. This woman's story keeps getting sketchier and sketchier.

no sketchier than the autographs themselves.  these are awful.

Hey now! You've not heard her story! And she is like, "I have 6 signed albums by Barbara Streisand." Right. If I know one thing, it's that that woman HATES to sign for us common folk.

Thanks for the help though.

just plain awful.

These are abysmal.

A pathetic attempt.

Hi Mia,

Would you mind exposing this persons identity? Are they an ebay seller, or where exactly are these being offered from? Hopefully we can warn some others about these nasty forgeries. Great job in bringing them to the boards attention.

Take Care,


Total garbage...lousy fakes...

looks like they werent even trying on this one mate

Disgusting. An insult to each individual Beatle and our community of collectors.



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