This set of autographs is currently up for sale at SAS in the UK.  I sent the auction house a note indicating the signatures were not authentic IMO. Here is the reply i received. Any other thoughts?



Thank you for your enquiry. We believe the provenance of these to be very good, plus of course, The Beatles were well known for signing each others names from time to time..perhaps you would like me to pass on your comments about forgery to the lady who collected them?!.

Best regards


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Who is Paul Mahoney and John Lemon?

Who wouldn't want a John Lemmon autograph in their collection?

Provincial auction houses don't have autograph experts on board, so they go along with any story. Good places to dump your crap.

What a mess...

Even the letter from the lady who did collect them states that she never saw them signed by the Beatles.  The auction house should be ashamed.

These are awful.

"Provenance" above authentication...

This is what happens.

Every forger will be more than happy to spin a fanciful tale to go along with the forgery.

These may even have been consigned in good faith but that does not change the facts. 

The lady who collected them probably left her autograph book at the stage door! Possibly at the wrong show too!

I believe that these are Aspinall signatures. Here’s another one for comparison:

Very interesting.  I think the pic you added makes it clear the signatures in the OP are by Neil.

I sent a pic of these signatures to the auction house and this is the response I got from the auction house.

Thank you for your more considered response. With Beatles autographs the story is everything which we have given in full. At no point do we say the Beatles have actually signed anything. We have set out the scenario and it is up to the market to decide the value

Best regards


Eagle eyed Ballroom with his elephants memory.

They do state that these are Beatles autographs and the estimate is £2000 to £3000. They have decided the value and not the market. They don't care as long as they get the money. This is what happens in an unregulated market. 


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