Any thoughts on this set of autographs. I'm on the fence on this one. I'm a bit concerned with the flow looking a bit calculated if that makes sense. Any other thoughts?

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I'd never buy it. 

I would avoid these

seen that lennon before somewhere,I dont like them 

I've seen it before and in my opinion it isn't authentic.

Thanks to all replies. I've seen it before as well although I can't remember where? Nice when there is consensus.

I'll join the chorus on this one, Fab432.

The longer you look at it. The more obvious the issues stand out.

That is exactly it. It looks sort of ok at first glance then you go Oh that's wrong hmmm that doesn't look right etc etc

The answer is no...

Yes,a little strange looking.It looks like the forgerer couldent decide what year to make these all from!!

Every signature looks odd in there own way.the more u look at them the more obvious it gets.
Not authentic, IMO.



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