What do you guys think of this set?looks fine to me,but the Lennon looks a little odd,other than that I think it’s a nice set from 63.looking for opinions.thx in advance

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It looks good to me too.

authentic. what looks funny about the Lennon, Paul? I think it looks typical for that time frame.

Oh I totally agree it's typical for the time .I just meant the ending if the Lennon is a little different being that it ends on an upswing.

It's always interesting to see people use this forum to screen upcoming auction lots without revealing the auction house. No matter what letter comes with an item or not, I'd hope one is satisfied that something is authentic without relying on the opinion of others. 

If this forum is meant to screen upcoming auction lots, it would be polite to include a link to the auction. If one would rather keep the auction information private, it may be better not to seek opinions. 

Do I have a point, or am I in the minority? 

Bishop and Miller auction house march 10th.

I already knew  this was authentic from a mile away ,didn't need help on it .just thought I'd post it.wasnt protecting the set for my self .I already own to many.didnt mean to upset you pal!

I am satisfied when buying things in my areas with my own opinions these days. I may seek a second set of eyes on occasion, but it is doesn't dictate my decision - it may help inform it. It is my money and I am interested in my collecting enough to make the decisions about authenticity and quality to my satisfaction - so if my collections crash and burn, it would be my fault. If they soar...

I don't think this forum is meant for just screening lots or items although this certainly occurs. I think it has many purposes, especially for the newer collectors. To others, it may serve different purposes. I might speak with someone in private chat about an item, but I don't recall posting a link to a live auction or item. From what I have seen folks include the link when they wish, or sometimes when asked, especially in private chat etc. 

I think you're in the minority "Invest In Graphs", although you did make your point very clear as well. 

There are countless and valuable ways to use this forum for all of us. And that's why I like the way Steve runs this forum without strict rules. 

I'm still a newb and still learning, so I still need the opinions of others to help me make a purchase or just to learn more. I don't believe anyone on this planet can authenticate every signature there is available and I have interests in several categories.

While Ive never posted asking about anything to buy here,I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you're interested in something up for auction you don't want to advertise it to other potential buyers to drive up price.Nothing wrong with asking and getting opinions from Mark and Terrier! Paul knows what he is doing anyway and isn't kidding when he says he has nice "stuff"!

Thanks for the kind words Ian,i was just posting a picture of another nice set.I absolutely have no interest in bidding on this set.I do agree that if  someone was going to bid on it it would be up to them to forclose the information  as to where it came from and if they dont ,thats ok.Everyone here knows me and has seen me post all of my sets that ive been interested in and won .Ive shown what aucti0n house they were from every time." target="_blank">;

Here is an article about it. 

I will also add, I don't see a reason why anyone would have to disclose where they saw an item, whether they are looking for opinions or just commenting. The same way you are free to not give an opinion or comment. 

I mean jeez, we are all just a group of collectors trying share in the same hobby. Not everything is cut throat. Paul is a stand up guy. As is Ian, Ballroom, Terrier, and Eric and many others on AML who do a lot for this hobby. 

Thanks to all of you guys for what you do and fun and educational reading. 

Edit: not sure why the link doesn't work, but if you copy and paste the link it brings it up on google...

Thanks Adam,I feel exactly the same way.



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