Claimed to be signed by all four Beatles, the guitar below was sold by Rock Star Gallery in an auction they held on April 1, 2006. A portion of the proceeds from the 200-lot rock memorabilia auction benefited Phoenix Children's Hospital, which issued a press release promoting the auction [press release has been removed since this discussion was posted].


Click for larger image:


If you feel you know Beatles autographs well enough, please give your opinions on either each autograph, or an opinion on the entire group.

But instead of just saying genuine or fake, tell us how strongly you feel by calling them, in your opinion:

  1. Definitely Genuine
  2. Probably Genuine
  3. No Opinion/Not Sure
  4. Probably Fake
  5. Definitely Fake


The following is Rock Star Gallery's March 2006 press release on the guitar and the auction:

From Beatles to Zeppelin -- Rare Guitar Signed By All Four Beatles Added to April 1st Auction

A rare Beatles autographed guitar will be added to auction and a top forensic expert to attend the live auction to further authenticate autographs for bidders.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) March 28, 2006

Adding fuel to an already hot fire, a last minute addition of a very rare guitar is making the headlines again. “On top of seven rare signed Beatles albums, now bidders will have a shot at a very rare autographed guitar with all four signatures, with a very solid provenance,” commented Michael Dunn with Rock Star gallery.

The guitar is being flown in from Virginia by forensic expert Christopher Morales. Christopher will further review other ots in the auction for bidders who request further authentication. “All the lots in the auction already are covered by a guarantee and prior forensic expert review, however his presence will re-affirm any questions from live or online bidders about the authentication of any autograph in the auction” explained Michael. “It is wonderful Christopher can attend the live event” His resume will be posted shortly online. 

Here is the story on how the autographs were obtained on the guitar:

“Dave Wakefield Sr., an avid Beatles fan from Virginia, worked for Baltimore City in the 70s and 80s. During that time period, a close friend of his, a police officer who moonlighted as event security at the Civic Center got Dave signed on as one of the extra event security workers. This provided him with the opportunity to be backstage for various events. He had the chance to meet and get the autographs of many performing artists who appeared at the Civic Center during this time period.

His primary work was done at the Civic Center, which became the Baltimore Arena. He also did security work at the MerriWeather Post Pavilion, the Capitol Center, Cole Field House, the Towson Center and RFK Stadium.

Three out of the four signatures on the Beatles guitar were acquired at these various venues (Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison). He was unable to acquire John Lennon's signature at any of these locations.

In early 1980, after several failed attempts to get the remaining signature to obtain the final autograph, he traveled to New York to attempt to get John Lennon's signature. He went to the Dakota, the building Lennon lived in, and waited patiently outside. On the second day, John Lennon came out on foot and Dave approached him. He explained that he had the other three Beatles signatures but was missing his. Lennon commented “.. of course, he needed the most important signature” and signed his guitar.

Dave Wakefield Sr. kept the guitar in his home in a case. A few years ago, he passed it on to his son who is now putting it up for auction.


Rare rock memorabilia to be auctioned April 1, 2006 a portion benefiting “Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Phoenix Children’s Hospital”. Also available for bid is a series of high-quality photographic prints from Robert M. Knight, one of the most prolific photographers in rock music history. The photographs include classic shots of such artists as Jeff Beck, Dave Matthews, John Mayer and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. Possible guest celebrities including world renowned rock photographer Robert Knight and friends will attend to auction off rare rock music photography to benefit the children.

Dave Wakefield Sr's son who consigned the guitar to the auction was reportedly Dave Wakefield Jr. Wakefield owns Rock and Roll Heaven in Clearwater, Florida. 

Your opinions on this guitar are very important. Please don't give an opinion unless you feel that you know Beatles autographs well enough to judge these.

See file below for full-length image of guitar.



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Definately FAKE!

I have been a long time collector of Beatles signatures, from all different periods, from the early days on, and these don't look like they would be even passabe fakes!


Garbage. #5. Back in February, 2006, I owned a indie record store in Ohio and did memorabilia appraising for the local historical society. The auctioneer they hired to process this crap was from Columbus, Ohio. He had zero rock and roll auction experience and even said to me he had no idea why they asked him. Later, when the items were listed and I had a chance to see the various lots, I knew immediately why they hired him: the stuff was garbage. I don't recall seeing any authentically signed items! And they had other forgeries of Nirvana, Queen, Stones, Zep, etc., too. Most disturbing of all is the Rock Gallery had the nerve (and balls) to tout this as a fund raiser! I'm still pissed!!! Oh well, Instant Karma, as John sang.
FAKE!!!!  #5 = FAKE!!!!!!!
This is a definite fake;  not even close.
To tell the truth if,  they took a little bit of alcohol and wiped off those unsightly  ink scribbles that are messing it up then you would have  a pretty nice guitar.  Then it might have some value.
The guitar is as fake is as the day is long. Not even close to The Beatles Autograph's not now and never like that. Try again.
None of the signatures look to be authentic. Christopher Morales has a poor reputation for authenticating Beatles signatures. In the past Morales has authenticated forgeries. Also, check out, American Royal Arts.
Wow--that explains a LOT...he knows nothing about authentication. Am royal has hundreds of questionable autographs framed for a LOT of money. Complete signed Grateful Dead albums, signed guitars including the Who, Springsteen, Dylan, led Zepp, even pink Floyd (its NOT real)...His authentication is worthkless..but the BUYER obviously doesnt know that. Sounds like a lawsuit if the buyers figure out these items at this auction are not real.
After reading the STORY...this guy should become a's a completely bogus story since the autographs are FAKE. Also---all these people who CLAIM on line to have been SECURITY and were able to get autographs are almos talways lying...Security are TOLD NOT to ask the artists to sign fact at most large venues unless you are the HEAD of security if you stop and bother the artist on the way to the stage or off stage---you wil lget fired. More lies.
I didnt say COPS--they always bother celebs..i refer to event staffers the average security goon....the guys who stand at the rails with yellow jackets to prevent people from getting too close.  THOSE guys dont get to ask for autographs..YES--the cops I have seen in NYC DO bother for PICS with celebs..they dont always get it--but they have a WAY better chance than you or me.    You say it's a 90's   Les paul..that can be verified with the serial number...... thats even funnier. if it's a 90's guitar...someone is going to get sued for FRAUD.  If you read his story and LOOK at  the faded lennon graph--he files all the way to NYC stands outside the Dakota...and uses the WORST pen ive ever seen??? Who is BUYING this story and guitar...
Nice story he told. If I had a guitar signed by Paul, Ringo and George alone I'd be walking on clouds. Then to wait outside the Dakota with it for two days to add Lennon, call me crazy but I would be damn sure not to do it with the cap off my sharpie.


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