Hi. What do you think of my Beatles Signed set on a page of autograph book?
Someone have interest to buy??? Thanks!!

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Looks like a great early to mid 1963 set to me.
February or march 1963 i think...
For you the value of this set is??
I would guess around $4000 upwards.


You had 55 bids on this piece on eBay and you sold it for $6,800. Why do you have it back again?

Very good question Steve. Maybe he wasn't happy with the $6800 (minus ebay/paypal fees) and cancelled the sale. He's done it before.

Unpaid simply
My friends there areon ebay many people that make a bid but then don't pay the item...
Unpaid and claim on ebay

Why don't you go to one of the underbidders? 

I repeat many people make offer... Only to make an offer and not have truly interest... I think that i keep this beautiful autograph in my home. For me have a value net of 6000$



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