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It was sold by Sotheby's in 1990 directly to the owner I purchased it from.  I already paid, but could return via eBay/PayPal.  It's not the best example of a Beatles signed photo, but I got a good price.  It's tough to tell from the photograph in the auction, but any thoughts on authenticity?  At first I felt good because Sotheby's is such a reputable name, but I wonder what their authenticity process was like thirty years ago when this was purchased.  Thanks for any opinions!

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We can't see any autograph completely, which is a concern of course, but these are definitely not real IMO. They're probably Joe Long forgeries based on the date of the receipt, 1990, but I'm not familiar enough with his forgeries to say for sure. 

Joe Long was a famous and prolific music forger whose Beatles forgeries Frank Caiazzo is famous for outing. He sold through Sotheby's, Christie's, and many other respected auction houses and dealers.

It's a £10.000+ SP for £2.000. Shame it's questionable. 

Thanks, Steve.  Your opinion is basically gospel, but once I have the item I may post better pictures to make sure.  A real shame, I thought I might have found a bargain.  Sotheby's got me.  It's also sad because the seller is definitely not a forger -- her husband bought this and passed and now she's selling it.  I believe her story; I think she and her husband were also taken.  

Thanks for the kind words, but I'm wrong my share of the time. Sotheby's didn't know they weren't real. They guaranteed authenticity. 

At the price she was asking for it, there's a good chance she showed it to dealers and auction houses and heard the news. 

My recommendation is to get an online opinion from Roger Epperson, hopefully before she sends it. Well worth the $15.

Unfortunately she sent it immediately.  At this rate I will wait until I get it and can take better pics for evaluations.  I will have a window of time before the eBay guarantee expires.  I hate to be ruthless about that but also don't want to lose money.  Thanks again for the advice!

A better pic would certainly help, but I agree that the John and George definitely don’t look good. The card is from 1966, but Sotheby’s has it as a 1964 set.

Thanks, Ballroom.  Appreciate it.

Sotheby's had a "hit and miss" record in the 1990's -- so best to check everything they sold with the current experts. Really poor contrast on the eBay photos -- hope you can post better pix.  

It looks very similar to these two photos which were previously discussed.  The concensus on these two was that they were probably done by Mal Evans.

A set of Beatles autographs done by Mal Evans...

Martin, Jim, from what you posted they look Mal Evans to me. Thank you. 

Since 1990 was in the thick of the Joe Long forgeries period, it would be great if a couple sets could be posted.

Joe Long Beatles "autographs"...



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