I am considering buying my first Beatles autographed item. I have gone looking for supporting positive evidence and discovered it is a minefield. I would be grateful for any assistance. I would rather not name anyone or a company as I want to believe the following is an original. Yet some of your members have voiced strong opinions regarding individuals and I cannot understsnd why action has not been taken to protect reputations.

So my enquiry for which I welcome comments please:-

Could I be fortunate enough to have found the Revolver album signed by all four Beatles, each signing their own portrait? The ink is so crisp, so prominent after so many years.
Found in Arizona,it comes with a supporting Forensic report verifying the signatures from a renowned NY Examiner of Questioned Documents.

I would welcome any help please.

Many thanks,


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I'm new to this site so sorry I can't offer any advice but if that is legit I would give my first born child to own that. lol. That's a beauty. Almost too perfect! May I inquire the price they are asking? I would think it'd have to be astronomical. I am considering selling my entire Beatles UK 1st pressing collection to buy just one authentic signed record like this one. Of course I'd prefer a UK pressing haha but the laminated sleeves probably didn't make for good signatures in biro pen anyway...

The story behind this, that cannot be collaborated apparently, is the unnamed owner sat in a tent during a rain break with the Beatles during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour and album covers were signed which have been owned to this day.

Hold on to your first born, as you could swap them for a forgery. And hang onto your 1st Pressings, you can substantiate their history.

The price ..... US$15k.

Wow man. That's a pretty incredible story if it were true but then again...was the production team from the USA or U.K. (which I would assume) This is a US pressing so if the crew were from the U.K. they most likely wouldn't have a US pressing on hand. Just my 2 cents...

And haha yeah if and when I do invest in a fully signed album it will have to be IRON CLAD.

Not authentic, in my opinion. To me it appears consistent with a known forgery style. One of the companies associated with that forgery style is located in Arizona, and I've seen other examples with documentation from that same FDE.

I'm in agreement! A few f ies ..

BallRoomDays, I know you're well versed on The Beatles. Please can you kindly give me your thoughts on this signed Parlophone release Revolver. At first they may look off, but I can't shake the feeling that they're possibly genuine. I've found similar Harrison, Lennon and McCartney examples. Ringo is odd but it might have been a hastily penned autograph. 

It is the oddest set but I think it has a good chance of being real. Could you get full images front and back?

Start a new discussion for this.

I started one yesterday in the Beatles category but have had zero replies on there. Do you want me to try again?

I’ll find it and I have these to the top of the post.

I wonder if the NY  Examiner has a name Fragapani or similar.

Can I answer this from a different angle.

When I joined this forum yesterday whenever I saw this man's name mentioned it has been done from generally a negative view point. As he works for US Government Agencies in Court I cannot understand why he has allowed such slurs to continue.

I am anticipating more comment on this but from the early responses it seems I am better walking away from this.



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