Up for auction is this very nice signed UK Help Lp.  Fully authenticated by Frank and Beckett.  Starting bid a cool $126,000. Auction house is Mynt in NYC.

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Lovely. Two with perfect contrast, 2 with very good contrast, 3 with inscriptions and 2 with dedications as well as inscriptions. I really like this!

It’s a great item for sure. It’s also on eBay for $150K OBO from Press Pass.

Nice! I’ve seen this before. I think PressPass has had it for about a year, maybe more. 

Presumably the best-looking signed Help! LP in existence but is it really "worth" $125,000 (+premiums presumably)? I don't really "get" the huge appeal of signed LPs, except from a rarity point of view. Unlike many signed LPs this one is at least attractive for the reasons Eric gives and because of its apparently lovely condition.

the placing of the signatures makes it especially appealing

It's a great item...been around a while...

Before press pass had it, it sold for 41k on eBay. 

$40 - 50k sounds much more reasonable when compared to the "normal" price of a beautifully signed album page. 

As usual Press Pass buys something, triples the price and will hold it many years until someone pays their price. Also putting in in various auctions with super high reserves.  I've seen stuff on their site sitting unsold for 3-4 years or more. 


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