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That's uh...that's not Hendrix! It's is like some sort of signaturial trainwreck.

Can you believe that an auction house would put that up for sale.  Pathetic really.

They’re saying each Beatle signed his respective image at the Cavern Club in 1968, and Ringo proceeded to scribble “Pawl McCartney”, “Elvis Presley” and a bunch of other names all over the cover. Now I’ve heard everything.

It's getting better all the time, better, better. Such garbage!!

So,'s signed by Brian Epstein. That's impressive, considering Brian died a year before the White Album came out.

I also love that the description of said item states "unverified" regarding the autographs (which all look horrible; did you see that Elvis?)

Sadly I can still see people bidding

"Provenance: vendor advises that his relative obtained the album and signatures of The Beatles at the Cavern Club in the 1960s whilst a roadie and was friendly with Ringo. Family legend is that the signatures on the Beatles pictures were genuine and that much of the other penwork was by Ringo."

The Beatles weren't anywhere near the Cavern Club then. And I don't recall seeing any 'drawings' by Ringo. The scribbles are simply some fan-owned silliness, not anything remotely connected to The Beatles. Nice try, though!!


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