can i have opinions on that signed xmas card? It is supposed to be from 1963.  The other 2 autographs are Freda Kelly and Anne Collingham founders of the British Beatles Fan Club.

What you guys think?

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sorry, not good....

No ... too much strange.

They’re Fan Club secretarials.

Done by the fan club...easy to spot!!!

While the Beatles signatures are vintage, they're not from the boys. It's a nice fan club souvenir - and clearly well-intentioned - but they're signed by the girls at the fan club. A bonus is that Freda's scrawl looks good.

Thanks guys! I stay away. I thought at least the Lennon doesnt look that off but thanks for your expert opinions!

I would have said the same: the Lennon was not that bad for my unexperiences eyes.

Yep. I still think the Lennon is not bad lol 

Lennon is not bad? The e and the o in Lennon is a total fake!

A note from the auction regarding the authenticity of these signatures.

Kayleigh-Ann (Catawiki)

Dec 16, 10:01 CET

Dear Len, 

On 08-12-2019 you reached out to us with concerns about this item's authenticity. We've forwarded the information you provided to the expert for a second assessment of the item.

The expert has concluded that there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the item. 

Since we see no reason to doubt the authenticity of the item, no further action will be taken on this item or against this seller.

We truly appreciate your feedback and the time and effort you've spent to make sure Catawiki remains the best place to find authentic and unique items, and we look forward to seeing you back on our auctions.

Kind regards,

Catawiki Customer Support


yes Catawiki is horrible. i won two lots and both for a bargain and then the seller said it was stolen and the other seller said he wanted more money and he wont send it to me for that reason. i contacted Catawiki and they said they wrote the seller mails but they cant do nothing about it and they are sorry …. 

the Card was sold for more than 1300 euro! :-(

Not good... 



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