C'mon now, we all have a story where we blew it. I'll start:
Roy Orbison - during Springsteen's "Tunnel Of Love" performance at the L.A. sports arena in 1988. R.O. was walking in the bathroom (ALL BY HIMSELF) as I was walking out, and I had no sharpie, no tour book, no nothing. I ran to my seat, grabbed a sharpie and a tour book but he was no where to be found. He died in December of that year. The only time ever I encountered him and I got caught with nothing in my hand. NEVER, have I been to a concert since where I do not have the goods ready.

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its not that big of a deal because i have got him so many times over the years, but about 10 years ago on an American Airlines flight from JFK to LAX. my girlfriend at the time and myself only had carry on bags, so we didn't stop at baggage and got on the elevator to go up once we arrived home at LAX. once we got off, there were about a dozen autograph collectors standing around on the sidewalk with Beatles albums signed by Ringo Starr - well some of them were. I had just missed him by seconds, the real gut kicker though was when i recognized a couple fellow collectors i was friends with at the airport told me the flight number he was on - you guessed it, he was on my flight!! he was in first class of course, but i had no idea that for four hours i was on the same airplane as a Beatle and this was back when Ringo was half-way nice about signing one per. my girlfriend later told me she saw a woman when we were getting ready to board in NY that looked like Barbara Bach, but she didn't say anything because she just didn't think it was her. It was one of those situations that you think about for several days after.
it was in the late 80's i was a volunteer usher at the omni in atlanta,all you had to do back then was show up in black pants,white button up shirt and a flashlight by 6pm and you were in,anyway i was there to see robert plant and as the band was doing a sound check i realized there was NOBODY STOPPING ME FROM WHERE THE BAND WALKED OFF STAGE,I HAD A 1000% DIRECT APPROACH TO MEETING ROBERT PLANT,i bolted to find someone with a pen,when i finally got one i was running down the stairs and robert was walking backstage,i did not want to be one of those idiot fans screaming ROBERT,ROBERT!!!!! from a distance,had i been 30 seconds quicker i could have met MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SINGER!!!!!

Went to meet George Lucas Last week. We were at the wrong venue & had to switch. When we got to the new venue we found a nice spot to set up. While I was re-prepping everything he came up the stairs. By the time I got over to where he was, he was done & ushered away!

He was there way early & we thought we had plenty of time. Boy was I wrong!

This is a huge one.

I'll preface this with the thought that the highest three levels of Celestial Divinity are as follows-



The Beatles 

It's irrefutable. So, on the day of my 48th birthday in 09, I was riding up Madison Ave with a co-worker and both of us needed some porcelain assistance soon. 
 I tell my friend he's in for a rare treat- I'm going to take him to The Carlyle Hotel which sports Manhattan's most superb lobby bathroom and offers a lovely most fragrant soap and lotion stop, not to mention the loveliest towels. Anyway, it beats your standard Starbucks and p****** in the park... 
 On arrival, I see three or four fellow old folks holding Beatle albums. Of course there are only two left, so it's Paul or Ringo. Wow, it's Paul. So I tell my friend I'm going to hang around a little- let's do our business quickly and head back out. We enjoyed the amenities, went out the revolving door and as I revolved, I looked behind me to find Paul McCartney, lifelong hero, revolving with me. He lingered for a minute with the old folk, I very wittily said, 'hey man' and got a very familiar 'howareya' in return. So there I am, standing next to Paul McCartney for almost a minute, the whole time he was there. I'm telling my partner to snap a picture, he looks bewildered and off Paul goes to soundcheck with Ringo at Radio City.

Why didn't my partner snap a picture? He didn't have a memory card in his phone. Me? I'm not big on asking for sigs even though I collect them, so I came away from a one time ever meeting with a man once removed from God Almighty himself, a lifelong hero, a guy I've paid thru the nose to see play up close and I came away with nothing but the lovely smell of my hands.

I can't find one picture of this exit online anywhere, but you have to take my word that I'm standing right next to him here... 


I feel really, really sorry for you...but the story is awesome :)

Thanks, AB. I'll always have the story...

I was about ten years old and helped my friend on his milkround one day,he picked me up,and we delivered all over the place, we went to a massive house in Plumpton, East Sussex, England, i knew the house as i used to break in to the gardens and ponds, with my dog on long walks, for fun we would walk around the house ,for the most , no one was ever home,, So the day that we went there, i was worried id be recognized, so i ran to the door, knocked on the door, left the milk, and ran back to the milkfloat.      This was about 1977 buy the way !!  and i didnt know whos house it was,, when i got back to the float, i heard a guy behind me say "cheers"  and my friend said "cheers Jimmy"  back to him, i was just glad to get out of there.  My friend said to me "thats the guy from Led Zepplin" and i said "who are they"   damit, damit, damit !!

I've got a couple missed opportunities, but a few weeks ago, a friend of mine that works for the Orioles was driving around Earl Weaver, at Ed Smith Stadium, in a golf cart. She's pulls up to me and my wife and says "I was hoping a saw you about 5 minutes ago because I would have stopped my cart, and had Earl sign for you". Oh well, at least I’ve got his auto on a limited press Topps baseball card, but it would have been cool to meet Earl. I hope he's still around next spring and maybe I’ll get a 2nd chance.

Its story from the times, when it did not even come to my mind to ask for signature, maybe 7 years ago? In Prague used to be a legendary music shop - vinyls, CDs, bootlegs, posters, fantastic things. I was used to go there regularly and during one of my "visits" there, I noticed that owner of the shop came with guy who reminded me someone. I just asked myslef "oh my god, who is it?!" - and I knew, that its someone who I know... I looked at him and sadly - I didnt get the answer. Then I left. When I got home, I saw the sites of the shop and then I got it.... Just 15 minutes later after I left, Carl Palmer from Emerson Lake and Palmer made an autograph session there and it was him! I did not recognize him.... what a shame for me.

When I was very young I was on vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey with my family and Sugar Ray Leonard was staying at the same hotel.  I took a photo with him on the pool patio but I didn’t have anything for him to sign so I ran to the hotel lobby and asked for a scrap piece of paper.  By the time I returned to the pool patio he was gone.

The next day I was in the hotel arcade and he walked in with his entourage and began playing pool.  I didn’t want to bother him.  At least I still have the photo.


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