The year is nearly over already, I think it's been a great one for collectors. What was the best deal of the year in your opinion? For me it was The Yardbirds / Eric Clapton @RT given the scarcity of his signature, the limited aspect of the release and the price.

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Thanks mate :)

Heres a good question, do you think 2021 was better for autographs? or 2022? Its tough but I think this year might have been better

tough call Jason H, but I'm gonna go with I hope there's some good ones in 2023 !

do you have a wishlist? I would love Steven Tyler if he holds another charity event, Donald Trump to keep my living presidential collection going, Pearl jam is just wishful thinking as well as Metallica at retail price. Green Day has held an in-person signing in the past and if they do again, ill drive 2000 miles if I have to to be there. 

2021, for me, was marked by a handful of high-value hits picked up second-hand, while 2022 has been more consistent with the frequency and interest for items I want, both at retail and second-hand locations. I would probably give the edge to the latter.

2021 started strong with David Gilmour.. Ended strong with David Byrne, Dave Grohl, Dave Gahan, Elton John, Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke, Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Springsteen\Obama.. Trump  for those willing to take the chance...  2021 was full of surprises. Its honestly a very close race



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