Can you tell me if you think this Bette Davis lobby card is authentic?

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See attached photos.



Any thoughts? I wonder as the seller has a lot of other signed items. I wonder if I should initiate a return.

Same seller - does this look more like the lobby card than the known exemplars? I'd pass...return etc.

Bette Davis (again)

They both have the same atypical traits. There is more than enough Davis out there get a better example. The form of her last name is a bit suspect (the "vi"). Odd. The pointy "D" etc.

Ask JoeW to look over thses - something doesn't sit right with me.

I looked at this earlier although did not comment on it as it was already sold. I agree with Eric. There are some characteristics in this signature that do not match up with known exemplars. Questionable at best.

I thought it might have been consistent with examplars, as I had looked at that site previously, but evidently I am not very skilled at doing that yet. I have other Davis, but I just really wanted lobby cards in particular and that film specifically, so am very disappointed. Signed What Ever Happened to Baby Jane seems to be difficult to find.

I have requested a return as the consensus does not look good, and as much as I like it and want this one, I really do not want something in my collection that is not authentic.


The main thing B. Anderson is to satisfied with your item. It's your collection. Could it be signed by Bette Davis? Yes. All I noted is that the signature appears odd compared to many others I have seen. Signatures vary. I don't know the seller nor have looked at his items.

Everyone has a difference tolerance level. I know there are celebrities that I look for in only a particular era and their signatures are not acceptable to me even if authentic in any other time frame of their life. Harrison Ford is an example. I am only interested in his early career signatures. Later signatures are more plentiful and less expensive, but not for me. And, I do not follow his later signatures nor studied them. 

This could be the case for me and this Bette Davis. Still, a little odd from what I look for.



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