Can you tell me if you think this Bette Davis lobby card is authentic?

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I'm just trying to evaluate the signed lobby page. I wanted to help Mr Anderson. I hope I achieved this end.

I must say my feeling is that it is authentic. I'm going to leave it at that. There is enough information in this post to draw a conclusion. 

Look at the M and the proportion of the R

Bette Davis is not an expensive autograph and not a prime target for forgers. Who's going to have a go on a vintage lobby card? Who is then going to add a dedication? It just doesn't add up. Poor Mr Anderson. He only wanted an honest answer.

"...There is enough information in this post to draw a conclusion. ..."

There is indeed.

PS - A Davis on a Baby Jane is another animal. Mr. Anderson knows this.

I'm just answering Mr Andersons original question and not getting drawn into any moral issue. 

I must say I've enjoyed the challenge. I'm either wrong or right

Yes, well, you asked me if he should return it a few times. As a collector I could not buy from such a source and I stated why. I hope he does return it.

I've done my work. I know Mr Anderson is following this thread, and it is now up to him. I'm tired now.

I must say I've really enjoyed this. I just love the research part of autograph collecting. I could go for hours.

As I said. The question was: Is this Lobby Card authentic. I think it is.

Have a good night.

The last one.

Look at the R.

I think I've proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is genuine. I set out to evaluate the autograph, nothing else.

One further point. Look at the second T in BETTE it's taller than the first. Go to google images and look at other exemplars. Come to think of it, the same can be said for HELLO the second L is usually taller. You don't get that kind of sophistication with PSA/DNA ;-))

The second "T" - well known. We see differently and that is good. It seems to me you are using exemplars from different time periods - her signature was very different in the early 60's which appears above - I alluded to this before. However, going to Google for exemplars is a very bad idea. Use for accepted dated exemplars. After seeing the other red flags I just would avoid such a source - YMMV. Good luck.

Thank you, Abcd. I appreciate the hard work. I looked at your examples, and they do look spot on to me, but I am poor at assessing such matters.

As to the question of morality, that is their business, but I am more interested in authenticity of this item.

If it looks like the signature and inscription were not carefully, slowly made (maybe to copy an existing photo), then maybe it is worth holding onto. One person did say it is common.

It is possible the person is lying about how they obtained them and selling off a collection, or similar. Maybe they or a relative obtained some others, and maybe some were acquired (perhaps some not accurate). I don't know about Warhol, but getting a date off by a year 40 years ago seems excusable if the person doesn't care all that much about him.  I really cannot speak to these matters. It looks like their credibility may be questionable, which is the primary reason I was concerned initially and brought this up. It looked real to me, with my limited ability to assess, but I also am aware skilled forgers can forge. They did have a foreign looking email address at AOL on their certificate; first named looked Indian (or similar). I do not know the seller's name, as ebay removed ability to view that information (I tried). It could be a matter of someone selling off a collection and wanting to make up for not having PSA/JSA, etc., and that doesn't necessarily mean it is forged even if some others are.

Right now I think Abcd again for his hard work. I will hold onto this and see what other comments come up. The seller had said they accept my return.

You can get a quick opinion from PSA/DNA for $10. Mine is free.

Look at my previous reply regarding the second L in hello and second t in bette. I've only just discovered that. That's thanks to  Eric for making me work hard. I'm giving my secrets away here ;-))

$10 to those services would be a waste of money - try it with Gleason LOL more than 50% at the Facts Page secretarials. You get much better and considered opinions here.


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