Hello. I own this Betty Grable signed photo. I have every reason to believe it is authentic. PSA/DNA did a quick opinion and their conclusion is that it is "likely not genuine". Could someone assist my thick head what I am missing. What characteristics would give me an idea what makes this signature questionable.

Thanks in advance

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Shameless bump but I really encourage some input on this signature. Appreciate you all...

Is this possibly a print of some sort ?  The writing is a little goofy where it looks bumpy when enlarged.  One might think ok, maybe the picture is bumpy, but look at her arm, it's bumpy as well?

I do not know her autograph, so that part I can't help on.


That is the texture of the photo. It is a double weight vintage picture of the era and it could possibly be considered a print due to the finishing process. Although I certainly don't feel the signature is printed. Not inscribed as it is.

Well the issue I had looking at it is that only portions of the photo show that?  The hat outline is fine, as is part of the writing?

I do not see any issues when I am viewing it in person. Could be the scan itself? Here is a scan of the entire photo. Maybe that will help

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I think it was the first photo itself (the scan).   Because this looks so much better.   Now hopefully someone knows the autograph.  lol  

If I had seen any other sig with that same issue I would have questioned it the same, as it looked like it might have been some sort of print that got messed up. 

Thanks so much. Now if I could just get a second opinion of the autograph. I believe it's real but want to be sure. Baffled why PSA/DNA questioned this, what they saw was a slightly larger version of the picture #2 you liked.

I wouldn't worry about this autograph. It is authentic in my opinion. Disregard the quick opinion. It's too conservative with its likely authentic designation to be very helpful.



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